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Hello!‌ A warm welcome to you from BlankSlate Counselling. We, Alpana and Su, co-founders of BlankSlate, would like to thank you for taking the first step of courage and reaching out to us.

BlankSlate Counselling Pte Ltd is a counselling agency in Singapore, dedicated to help individuals find the inner strength within themselves to achieve what they set their minds to do.

Our name comes from the Latin phrase tabula rasa, and it symbolizes the fresh start that we hope counselling can bring to you. After seeing us, we want to imbue within you a new perspective to approach life with. After all, every individual is unique and we believe in the potential to bring out the best in anyone.

Our motto is “from being to becoming”, an affirmation of the strong belief we have of the control that people have over their lives. With our empathetic counsellors, we will help you rediscover the desire of who you want to be, guiding you along the journey to strength. Instead of simply existing, and ‘being’, we hope to help our clients channel their tenacity and resilience, to truly ‘become’ what they can be.

Together with our trusted mental health counsellors in Singapore, we use a range of techniques to explore your individual experiences and how they might have impacted you. Our therapy techniques include, among others, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness exercises, Clay and Sand play. Our range of therapy services cover children, adults, workshops and we have experience in dealing with addictions, self-esteem, and stress management.

Apart from providing therapy, we hope that we can build a community around the BlankSlate blog with you. We hope that BlankSlate can become a community where lively discussion about mental health is possible. Feel free to leave comments and discussions in our blog posts, and we can start a lively community of support and encouragement!

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