A simple exercise that uses mindfulness to boost productivity

How can we incorporate mindfulness in our daily routine, while enhancing productivity?

Today, we’d like to share a simple technique that combines mindfulness with a key factor in raising productivity: the idea of appreciating our transitions. What does that mean?

In today’s lifestyle, it is not uncommon to have ultra-packed schedules with multiple commitments. It is certainly tempting to rush from one task to another, sometimes even multitasking just to get work done!

However, science has shown that multitasking is not helpful, and in fact it worsens productivity! Instead, when we rush around, we become more prone to mistakes, distractions, and stress!

What can we do to combat this?

It’s all in the transitions

When there’s a million things to get done, it’s definitely difficult to justify taking even the smallest break. However, counterintuitively, this small break is the key to maximising our effectiveness.

By spending just a few moments shifting our mindset from one task to the next, this moment of awareness can vastly improve productivity.

The idea is this: when we complete a task, be aware of the transition to the next task. Each time you realize that a task has been completed (for example, getting out of the train station to prepare for the start of a work/school day), follow these steps:

  1. Pause, even if pressured for time. It will only take a moment!
  2. Mentally confirm that a task had just been completed. Put it completely aside in your mind.
  3. Focus on taking a deep breath. You can try out our breathing technique here.
  4. Then, be ready for the next task that’s about to start!

Why this technique works

This technique seems simple, but combines the power of mindfulness and the fact that we need small breaks throughout our day.

It might feel as if we have to keep doing our tasks to remain productive, but this can easily lead to over-exertion and burnout.

Remember, our body and mind is a muscle. Similar to working out at the gym, if we strain them much, there will not be any growth at all! We need to take short breaks, and the best way is to be aware of this fact throughout the day.

Furthermore, when we consciously take awareness of the task we just completed, we will feel grateful that we have accomplished something.

Together with the deep breathing, our mind becomes calm yet focused, ready to handle any challenge that the day can bring.

So, why not give this technique a shot! Put in the effort to commit to this exercise for a day, and observe how it impacts performance.

Let us know if you’d like to see more of these quick exercises we can incorporate in our daily lives that improve our wellbeing! Leave a comment below, or on our Facebook page! We’re glad to talk with you.

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